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Integrated Services

Some clients who are engaged in our financial planning services choose to work with us in our Integrated Services offering of tax preparation and estate document preparation guidance.

Tax services are separate and unaffiliated with our broker-dealer/RIA relationship, but are meant to provide a “one stop” service for those looking for a single point of contact in their financial lives.

These services are only available to those engaged in financial planning.

Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation

While we integrate tax planning into our client planning discussions for all who engage in financial planning, many clients wish to have the tax preparation “under the same” roof for convenience purposes. Our tax preparation service offers a zoom meeting, if desired, which will be an annual check-in about your tax situation. The discussion revolves around the completion of your tax organizer and collection of documents. Some clients choose to time their complete annual planning review around the completion of their tax work to get a comprehensive view of their finances.

Our tax preparation service leverages both in-house expertise as well as the work of outside colleagues and consultants with vast knowledge of the ever-changing tax code.

What to expect from this service:

  • Tax organizers are sent out early in the new year--this is to help with gathering the required documents for your tax preparation
  • If you would like a zoom meeting, those are scheduled between January 20th and March 20th. We will need you to provide all of your documents prior to the meeting.
  • For an on-time filing, all documents must be submitted by March 20th.
  • For clients who prefer to file for an extension, we need your written request for that no later than April 10th.
  • Once your tax return is completed, we will upload and electronic copy to the vault in your online client portal. Printed copies of your tax return are available on request.
  • Coordinating your annual review with the completion of your tax return gives you the opportunity for a jump on tax planning for the year.

If you are interested in learning more about tax preparation services please contact Sonia at ext. 108 or at

Estate Document Preparation Guidance

Estate Document Preparation Guidance

Estate Planning is an essential component to your overall financial plan.  It allows you to gain more control over aspects of your life both during your lifetime and after your passing.  There are five major decisions that go into each estate plan. 

For many people, estate document preparation is an incomplete priority—either postponed or outdated. These documents will guide your loved ones about your wishes when you cannot advocate for yourself.  Our service leverages a partnership with attorneys and colleagues to facilitate document preparation in-house for BASIC estate plans. If you are in need of more complex considerations, we have contacts to refer you on and help with completion.

Our document preparation guidance services also provide plan summary documents—written simply in plain English for you and your successors. 

What to expect from this service:

  • Clients are asked to complete an estate questionnaire prior to meeting for document guidance.
  • Estate document guidance meetings are primarily held via Zoom, with limited in-office availability.
  • Estate document guidance services are meant for BASIC estate planning. If we deem your situation to have certain complexities, we can refer you to a colleague for a deeper estate planning discussion.
  • Services include Trust-based or Will-based estate plan document preparation guidance. 
  • Estate plan summaries are also availble. These can be a great way to visually summarize your current documents in "plain English" both for you and your beneficiaries.

If you are interested in learning more about estate planning document guidance services please contact Sonia at ext. 108 or at