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Our Process

Client Centered

Our practice has developed a specialty in helping pre-retirees & business owners structure their net worth to minimize taxes, volatility, & risk. We also work with busy executives who find value in integrated planning.

We have a specific process to align your current financial condition with the direct result of your financial planning goals. Our process begins around a deep discussion of 8 Critical Wealth Issues that may affect you throughout your life. These are: 

  • Fiscal Fitness & Organization
  • Investment Strategies
  • Estate & Legacy Goals
  • Business & Succession Issues
  • Retirement Planning & Feasibility
  • Tax Efficiency
  • Insurance & Risk Management
  • Executive Compensation Plans

Periodic Reviews

We are an ongoing resource for clients as financial issues arise. Additionally we reach out on a regular basis to provide updates regarding the economy, salient financial planning subject matter, or other specific discussion regarding accounts with us. We feel it is important to meet with clients on a regular basis so that we can discuss the changes in your life that may necessitate an adjustment to your financial plan.

Tax Preparation Season

While not all of our financial planning clients engage in our tax service, we usually have contact during tax preparation season. This may be to clarify a tax document, or to discuss something specific with an outside tax preparer. Clients who have integrated their financial planning with their tax work often use this time to engage in an annual review of their entire financial picture. Having investment accounts in-house can sometimes make the preparation of your tax return a smoother process.

Tax Planning Season

The tax laws are always changing and we attempt to keep clients abreast of these changes. We begin tax planning season after the October 15 filing deadline, with a workshop focused on the subject meant to provide clients with an overview of potential pitfalls & opportunities. We also encourage tax planning meetings for those clients that could benefit from a “deep-dive” into a specific issue germane to their situation. These meetings sometimes include a tax preparer, or an opportunity to liaise with your outside advisor for whom you depend on for tax input.