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Courage Through Planning Webinar Series

In an effort to keep clients educated & informed in these difficult times we have hosted a series of webinars beginning in April.

The library of topics below is available for replay for those interested. Topics range from a specific area of financial planning to an update from various subject matter experts. Replay times range from 30-40 minutes.

For a guide on best practices for accessing audio on the live webinar, click HERE

Webinar Replays

Mid-Year Market Update

Mid-Year Market Update

Original Webinar Date:  Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Our Mid-Year Update was held online this year.  The distancing protocols due to the pandemic will prevented us from hosting our Night at the Movies this summer.  Tom Logan, Investment Strategist with BlackRock iShares--one of our investment subadvisors--provided an update on the themes influencing the global economy. He touched on the economic implications of the global pandemic, the tremendous government stimulus response, and things to consider as the world moves to potential recovery.

*Special Guest Tom Logan, CFA, Investment Strategist, BlackRock iShares

*Not affiliated with Woodbury Financial

Retirement Transition Planning 2020

Retirement Transition Planning 2020

Original Webinar Date:  June 30, 2020 

We believe you face a unique set of risks in the years approaching & immediately proceeding retirement. The shift from a savings mentality for your nest egg to supplementary income, while stepping away from a "paycheck", has profound effects on decisions around structuring your net worth for the years ahead.

Taxes & Retirement Planning

Taxes & Retirement Planning

Original Webinar Date:  May 19, 2020 

This is a discussion about why taxes are an integral part of planning your retirement plan. Just as important as the size of your nest egg is how you crack it open. 

Market Update <br />from Capital Group

Market Update
from Capital Group

Original Webinar Date:  April 28, 2020

While being exposed to market movement is a large influence to long-term account growth, active management can also help with participating in upside growth and softening downside exposure. In a volatile market, it can also uncover opportunity. Join us for a market update from one of our sub-advisor partners.

*Special Guest Rich Lang, Senior Vice President at Capital Group/American Funds

*Not affiliated with Woodbury Financial

Income Planning <br />in a Time of Uncertainty

Income Planning
in a Time of Uncertainty

Original Webinar Date:  April 21, 2020

Planning for consistent retirement income income is one the biggest focuses in a financial plan.  We will discuss our approach to retirement planning, and touch on the challenges of converting account balances to lifetime income. 

*Special Guest Brian Carlson of Jackson National

*Not affiliated with Woodbury Financial

5 Ways SECURE Act <br />Could Impact Your Plan

5 Ways SECURE Act
Could Impact Your Plan

Original Webinar Date:  April 14, 2020

The SECURE Act was passed in the waning days of 2019, and made sweeping changes to the treatment of retirement accounts.  We will touch on 5 planning considerations in light of these changes. 

Managing Emotions in a Bear Market

Managing Emotions in a Bear Market

Original Webinar Date:  April 7, 2020

The presentation discusses the emotional ups & downs of the market cycle, as well as get an understanding on the methodology used by CLS Investments Protection Strategy--a strategy we use in some of our managed account portfolios to manage/soften volatility. 

*Special Guest Case Eichenberger, CIMA of CLS Investments 

*Not affiliated with Woodbury Financial

Upcoming Webinars

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