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Justine  Juarez

Justine Juarez

Client Service Coordinator

Justine joined our practice in 2021 as a Client Service Coordinator.  She brings vibrant energy and enthusiasm to her role. With a background in financial services, she started her career at MetLife and gained further experience in a local financial advisory practice. Justine's responsibilities include handling client service requests, paperwork preparation, and updating client data across systems. She actively engages in client outreach, ensuring regular communication with clients throughout the year.

Residing in the East Bay with her husband and two sons, Justine's weekends are dedicated to being a devoted soccer mom, cheering on her son in various games and tournaments. Outside of her busy schedule, she finds relaxation in reading, writing, singing, and spending time with her cats. Justine is also an avid cook, taking joy in creating kitchen delights enjoyed by her family and friends. Her diverse interests and commitment to both her professional and personal roles make her a valuable addition to the team.