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Investment Strategies

Professional Investment management is an important feature in meeting your financial needs.  Our belief in Institutional-quality methodologies ensure that custom client strategies are rooted in risk management — the combination of the client’s comfort with risk, the ever-changing risk associated with various asset classes, and the opportunity presented in the global world of investing.

Custom Portfolio Management

Using “off-the-shelf ” products and services can result in conflicting objectives, disrupting your ability to reach critical milestones. That is why our strategies have basic goal-oriented directions that can be shaped to specific client needs which are detailed at the outset of our relationship in client investment policy statements.  Our program combines strategies that adapt to market changes and share a common risk managed DNA.

Some of our Core Strategies include:

Wealth Accumulation

This strategy places a growth tilt on client portfolios, with client risk budget as the primary driver for investment decisions. This typically means that you have a longer investment time horizon (beyond 10 years) and a considerable desire to grow your portfolio’s assets. Wealth Accumulation solutions determine asset class attractiveness through the use of fundamental, statistical, and relative strength analysis. Portfolios are adjusted to take advantage of changes to the attractiveness of each asset class.

Principal Protection

Our Protection strategy uses a measurement of market volatility and short & long term interest rate adjustment to add an extra tactical element to client portfolio management.  Proprietary measuring of market triggers will force portions of client holdings into cash and short-term fixed account positions.  As market volatility lessens, client accounts will return to “normal” trading portfolio.  

Income Maximization

The goal of our Income strategy is to maximize steady income from current assets. We do this by enhancing protection against severe market declines on the investment portfolio, and designating a number of year’s income into a short-term bucket—helping the portfolio to outlast most normal declines.

Integrated Strategies
Our Integrated Strategies leverage particular areas of expertise or specialization within our practice:

Retirement Redzone

We define the Retirement Redzone as the transition period beginning 10-15 years before retirement, and lasting through 5-10 years into retirement.  This strategy is based in transition management, and focuses on mitigating the risks of longevity, resource risk, & sequence of returns risk.  Work in analyzing client sources of retirement income is also undertaken.  Longevity, behavioural, sequence risks.  Risk of major medical event.  The strategy blends our active asset allocation management with non-traditional investment vehicles to balance the need for a certain income level in retirement with inflation-adjusted capital needs.  Additionally, the program provides a level of customization that many retirement funds do not.


Business Owners Integrated Wealth Management

Our perspective as business owners provides a unique approach to working with business owners.  Your business structure and elected tax status determine maximum allowable deductions—and different objectives demand different strategies.Beyond simple investing, this approach looks at Tax Status Optimization, Risk Management, & Asset Protection as the foundation for building a comprehensive strategy toward financial independence.  

Strategy Overlays
Our overlays can be blended with our main strategies for a higher degree of client customization.

Tax Sensitivity

When tax sensitivity is a goal, the separate account is managed to be as tax efficient as possible. We use tax-loss harvesting throughout the year to trim under-performing holdings, and use those losses against other realized gains.  The goal of tax management is to control the timing and amount of tax liabilities to increase after-tax returns.  This strategy can be overlaid upon our other strategies previously discussed.

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)

At J. Vitucci Financial, we support our clients who are committed to SRI by helping them frame their definition of social responsibility, and then using multiple screens to filter out the areas of concern and promote desired investment attributes.  For those clients who wish to participate, our SRI program offers a high degree of customization that may not be available with typical SRI mutual funds.  Unlike mutual fund investments, you can completely customize your portfolio to reflect your personal values.Investors not only can screen out certain social sectors, but they also can exclude individual stocks as they see fit. 

Other Investment Services

House-holding and Brokerage Services

College Savings Plans

Alternative Investments

Private Client Service

Investing in alternative investments may not be suitable for all investors and involve special risks such as risk associated with leveraging the investment, potential adverse market forces, regulatory changes, potentially illiquidity. There is no assurance that the investment objective will be attained.

Guarantees are based on the claims paying ability of the issuing company.

Investing involves risks including the potential loss of principal. No strategy can assure success or protects against loss. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.