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Healthcare Planning for Retirement

Original Webinar Date: March 23, 2021

Most working people, especially if they are covered by a comprehensive employer-sponsored health plan, give little thought to health care costs once they are no longer employed. Many people are under the impression that Medicare "takes care of itself" & that it will cover all of their health care expenses in retirement--it's not automatic, it's not free, & it does not cover everything. The cost of care, including insurance premiums & out-of-pocket expenses over a multi-decade retirement can vary considerably depending on the choices made during your transition to retirement.

This webinar reviews:

  • Expectations for out-of-pocket health care costs after going onto Medicare

  • How Medicare works with private insurance to provide comprehensive coverage

  • Why you must plan for higher health care costs in retirement—including the possibility of needing long-term care

  • How to incorporate the cost of health care into your overall retirement income plan

...and more.

Webinar Replay Available Below

This webinar is designed to provide accurate & authoritative information on the subjects covered. It is not, however, intended to provide specific legal, tax, or other professional advice. For specific professional assistance, the services of an appropriate professional should be sought.

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