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What's Next? -- 2nd Quarter Comes into View

What's Next? -- 2nd Quarter Comes into View

April 07, 2020

Markets have been up, down, and all around over the past few weeks.  After last week's downtrend, the weekend saw some bright data regarding containment of the virus--what I believe will be the next waypoint for the economy.

That said many of our sub-advisor partners & research providers have started to provide thoughts on 2nd quarter economic data.  Most believe the figures will not be pretty. But it can be hard to remember that investment markets are forward looking--meaning much over the recent downturn was the market trying to "price-in" expected bad news. 

We are in a Recession Already -- Cetera Investment Management 

  • While we are in a recession, expectations are that it will not worsen to a depression.

  • The current recession represents both a demand and supply shock. It is reminiscent of the 1970s recession.

  • Expectations are for markets to begin recover once there is more clarity around virus containment.

Don't Let Headlines Drive Your Decisions -- Vanguard

  • Revisiting some of the headlines from 2009-2011 does not tell the story of an economy in recovery.

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