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January 30, 2023

As January ends, we hope the year has started well for everyone. As we do at this time of year, we wanted to provide you with our plan for the impending tax preparation process. Please find below our framework for the coming months.


  • Organizers were sent earlier month – The tax organizer was sent by a secure email (or mailed by client preference), which must be opened within 24 hours of receipt or the link will expire.  If you have not received your organizer, please contact our office.
  • Paper Copy Available if Necessary or Previously Requested – If you would prefer that we mail you a paper copy of the organizer, please let us know (if you requested paper last year, you should have receive it by mail again this year).
  • Use the Organizer as a Guide -- Please download the PDF to your computer for your use as the tax documents for 2020 start to arrive.   Many clients choose to use this as a guide for what documents they can expect to receive based on the previous year. You do not need to write in the organizer, but it is helpful if you check the items off as they arrive.


  • Tax Meetings are not required--Many clients have opted NOT to have a tax preparation meeting if no significant tax/life events took place in 2022. Financial Planning Reviews (in-person or online) can be scheduled upon completion of your return and include a review of the tax summary. Let us know how you would like to engage in this respect.
  • Tax Document Collection -- Items can be uploaded to the 2022 Tax Documents folder in your document vault (client portal). Feel free to request directions if you would like to try this. Alternatively, you can drop them at our Walnut Creek office (be sure to call in advance) or we are happy to provide you with a pre-paid UPS label to send us your tax documents.  
  • Tax appointments will be remote and will be with Jason or Sonia, or both depending on your tax situation. Scheduled appointments will take place by Zoom video conference or phone (whichever is most convenient for you), and can be scheduled in conjunction with a Financial Planning Review.

Deadlines & Completion Expectations

  • Due to severe weather and flooding in Northern California, tax deadlines for residents of most Bay Area counties have been pushed to May 15. If you file an out of state return, please note that your filing must be completed by April 15. It is our aim to complete most returns that aim to file on time by the normal April deadline.
  • Our last date for tax meetings prior to the April 15th deadline will be March 17th. 
  • Extensions -- If we filed an extension for you last year, please expect the same this year. If you generally file before the April 15th tax deadline, we will do our best to accommodate that again for this tax season (Unless you have already reached out to discuss this with us).

Extension Timelines

  • Extended tax returns can be filed as early as May & as late as October 15. We will be flexible in meeting your needs in filing your extended return on your timeline.

Other Considerations

  • e-File -- Our e-File authorization allows us to use DocuSign and we plan on using it for all tax returns that allow it.

  • Retirement Plan/Account Contribution Deadlines -- Traditional & Roth IRA accounts must be funded by April 18, regardless of whether your return filing is extended. We recommend making these contributions by the first week of April.  SEP IRA & Profit Sharing Plans can be funded up until the due date of an extended return.  Our office will provide you with a covernote & instructions for contribution upon your request.

We will do our best to make this tax season as smooth of an experience as possible.  Please know that you may hear from a few members of our team as your return is prepared depending on where we are in the process of completing the filing.

This communication is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information on the subjects covered. It is not, however, intended to provide specific legal, tax, or other professional advice. For specific professional assistance, the services of an appropriate professional should be sought.

***Tax Services Not Affiliated with First Allied.