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2020 Guide to Tax Season for Tax Clients

January 14, 2020

Heading into the last few weeks of January, we know that tax documents have started to populate your mailbox, and that means the task of preparing your 2019 tax return is on the horizon. Our office has been busy preparing for the April deadline, and we wanted to share with you some thoughts that will help in aiding the smooth preparation of your return.

  • Appointments -- If you have not done so already, please contact our office to make an appointment for your tax interview (should you require one). If mailing in your package, we will begin work upon receipt of pertinent documents.
  • Tax Documents -- As a reminder, we have copies of all tax documents for accounts that you have with us. Please gather others and return to our office with your organizer. Be mindful of 1099-R forms you may receive if you completed a rollover from a retirement plan last year. Tax return preparation begins when we have receipt of ALL requested documents.

  • Organizers -- Tax packages have already been sent from our office. These included an electronic copy of your organizer (please let us know if you prefer paper).  If using a paper copy, please bring your organizer with you to your meeting (whether you have completed it or not).  Please also bring the signed copy of your engagement letter that was included in the package on pink paper.  

  • e-File -- Our e-File authorization uses Docusign when convenient for clients. Please let us know if you would rather sign hardcopy.

  • Deadlines -- Personal Tax Returns, Trusts, & C-Corporations are due April 15; Oct. 15 for personal & C-Corp, Sept. 30 for trusts if extended.  Business Entities are due March 15; September 15 if extended.  Our last date for client tax interviews for on-time filing will be March 19 (*new clients March 6).  You would need to have all of your documents with you on this date for an on-time filing. If you have made use of extension filing in previous years, we will likely plan for this in our office process and work to provide you an estimate of anything owed in April.

  • Retirement Plan/Account Contribution Deadlines -- Traditional & Roth IRA accounts must be funded by April 15, regardless of whether your return filing is extended. We recommend making these contributions the first week of April.  SEP IRA & Profit Sharing Plans can be funded up until the due date of an extended return.  Our office will provide you with a covernote & instructions for contribution upon request.

We are looking forward to a smooth tax season and will do our best to meet your expectations for success.  As you know, we complete your return on a team basis.  Should you have any questions during the process, you can reach our Tax Team at extension 107. Should you reach voicemail, please be sure to leave a message and let us know a convenient time to return your call.  Please know that you may hear from a few members of our team as your return is prepared depending on where we are in the process of completing the filing.

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