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Retirement Considerations in a Post Pandemic Economy

Original Webinar Date: February 22, 2022 

It's beyond your control if your retirement is coinciding with a global pandemic. While the principles around retirement planning haven't changed, the solutions for building a meaningful financial infrastructure should be examined as you approach and enter retirement. The pandemic has had a lasting impact in how we think about risk and this needs to be addressed in our investment selection.

This webinar discusses:

  • Understanding Baseline & Supplemental Income
  • Meeting Inflation in a Low Interest Rate Environment
  • Tax Considerations for Retirement
  • Structuring Investments for Consistent Income
  • Living with Market Volatility
  • Understanding Required Distributions

...and more

This webinar is designed to provide accurate & authoritative information on the subjects covered. It is not, however, intended to provide specific legal, tax, or other professional advice. For specific professional assistance, the services of an appropriate professional should be sought.

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